!accounts(pointtouser) 4 accounts: Calvin, X6GANGHAMBYE, A2983843821 and Pegasus.
!adsAds suck, but we need to run 3min ads/1hr streamed to fulfill contractual obligations to TSM and Twitch. They're automated so the timing is always bad - sorry & thanks for the support FeelsStrongMan
!agilitiesCute, Skillfull, and the best player to have been seen in overwatch
!arcadumGo give Arcadum (Captain Black) a follow at
!audio(pointtouser) Calvin's audio settings on COD:
!bedwars(pointtouser) Bedwars is a minigame on the hypixel network where everyone has a bed that lets you respawn. If the bed is destroyed you can not respawn. Be the last team alive to win. You can buy items from the shop to help you survive.
!bindings(pointtouser) Fortnite Keybinds:
!birthday(pointtouser) 25th November FeelsBirthdayMan
!bongBrokeBack Bong you bong you BrokeBack NO!! NO BONG!!! I CALL BONG OK???
!buffering(pointtouser) Reduce buffering gives you more fps and every time you alt-tab it resets, that's why the toggle
!bungee(pointtouser) Zowie BenQ Camade bungee
!calvinis toxic DansGame
!calvinagoodnight doooods! Calvina is calling me to bed
!captainblackBibleThump THANK BibleThump YOU BibleThump CAPTAIN BibleThump BLACK
!carry(count) teams carried PogChamp
!chatrulesdont be toxic you beta keyboard warrior, backseat gaming is a no no, know your place, stop typing, positive only thanks!! calvinDVA
!cheering(pointtouser) Guide to cheering: calvinWOW
!chest(pointtouser) to remove it, install FFZ, go into control panel -> chat -> appearance -> community chest and tick it off
!clan(pointtouser) pepeJAM is the clan name in Division 2
!commands(pointtouser) you can find the bot commands here: calvinDAB
!coreyTop 500 in connect 4
!coronaHey you, yeah you. Have you washed your hands? monkaS
!dadYOU PORN????? monkaGun
!discordCome join Calvin’s discord, everyone is welcome to join! calvinLOVE
!dogmanis an idiot :\
!donateDonate to Calvin at calvinGOCHU
!downtimeThe stream as been offline for (downtime). (offlineonly) calvinFeels
!drops(pointtouser) CoD: MW Drops are available! Link your account to Twitch to be eligible for in-game items!
!dva(pointtouser) Calvin's D.Va cosplay:
!ethnicity(pointtouser) Calvin is of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Australian descent.
!fabiwhisper @fabianno for the best (mod approved) knock knock jokes
!format(pointtouser) Teams queue for 3.5 hours / 20 games max - The team's best five scoring games are counted - Score is determined by kills & placements - Kill = 1 point | Victory = 25 points | Full points scoring:
!fortnitesens(pointtouser) [ Calvin's Fortnite Sensitivity is X: 0.16 , Y: 0.12 with 400 DPI ]
!fov(pointtouser) OW: 103 | COD: 103
!fpscounter(pointtouser) Go to Origin > My Game Library > Click the Cog Wheel > Game Properties > Advanced Launch Options then put in this: +cl_showfps 4
!ftb(pointtouser) Calvin is playing a minecraft modpack called: Feed the Beast Unleashed. If you want to try, download the twitch app, goto minecraft, mods then search Unleash. Official website with modlist:
!game(pointtouser) (gameinfo)
!genjiomni_aura: @billiejackfu not once did I say that I didn't enjoy watching him. Why the fuck am I watching his stream then? And also, who tf said I stream lmao. You're making invalid accusations buddy. I'm a 3700 sr genji main and there's some things he could get better at. Nothing wrong with practice.
!ggcalvinGG GRIM GANG calvinHG
!gochucalvinGOCHU gochu saranghae calvinGOCHU
!gold(pointtouser) Gold guns on every hero!
!gpa calvinGPA
!gpu(pointtouser) EVGA GeForce RTX 2080Ti
!grau(pointtouser) GRAU loadout and attachments
!grip(pointtouser) fingertip / palm grip (depends on hero)
!hacker(pointtouser) yes :)
!hacksDansGame His sens (400dpi, 8 in-game) is pretty low and you just can't make those mili second flicks with that low sens. DansGame
!headset(pointtouser) Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro
!hoonmarubeautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure
!hug(sender) hugged (touser) calvinHUGGED
!hugs(sender) hugged (random) calvinHUG
!hyper(pointtouser) calvinHA = Agilities | calvinHC = Calvin | calvinHD = 39daph | calvinHG = GrimReality | calvinHK = Kayuun | calvinHS = Slayergramps
!innocentI'M ENGLISH calvinS
!junkratcalvinDINGDONG D I N G D O N G calvinDINGDONG
!kayuunis gay :)
!kephriihaHAA gr haHAA gr haHAA gr haHAA
!keyboard(pointtouser) Calvin’s keyboard is the Logitech Carbon G413
!kiss(sender) has kissed (touser) 💋
!lani think its hilarious u kids talking shit about Calvin. u wouldnt say this shit to him at lan, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and bangs the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol
!language(pointtouser) Calvin uses the Korean voice pack because he likes it more and prefers the voice lines calvinB
!leaguerank(pointtouser) somewhere in Plat
!lengthfrommonitor(pointtouser) 3 inches, maybe 6 inches... away from the monitor
!lick(sender) has licked (touser) 👅
!loadouts(pointtouser) Calvin's loadouts: | !ak !mp5 !ax !deagle !perks | WARZONE: !p90 !grau
!m4a1(pointtouser) Calvin's M4A1 Loadout:
!mapleCalvin is a top tier Maplestory player from the region of Scania. A Dark Knight forged from the great caves of Perion. He will cuck any of you kids in a 1v1
!mic(pointtouser) AT2020USB+
!micstand(pointtouser) RØDE PSA1 studio boom arm
!monitor(pointtouser) Asus ROG Swift PG258Q 24-inch 240Hz
!mouse(pointtouser) Logitech G903
!mousepad(pointtouser) TSM Logitech G640 BORDERED
!nicoje t'aime
!nowplaying(pointtouser) Now Playing: (customapijson { by } recenttracks.track.0.artist.#text)
!obs(pointtouser) Calvin's OBS Settings:
!oldwallpapers(pointtouser) Previous wallpapers: D.Va - | Widow - | videogames -
!onemilliondollarsIt's just a brojob.. - Calvin, 2017.
!osui suck at this game also favorite anime is SAO
!overwatch(pointtouser) I think the patch is pretty cool :)
!owl(pointtouser) not interested in joining any team
!p90(pointtouser) P90 loadout and attachments:
!patchI think the new overwatch patch is pretty cool :)
!peak(pointtouser) Calvin's highest SR is 4829.
!peripherals(pointtouser) Logitech G Pro Wireless, Logitech Carbon G413, Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro, TSM Logitech G640 BORDERED, Asus ROG Swift PG258Q 24-inch 240Hz, AT2020USB+
!placementsCalvin [TANK 3W-2L 4430 | DPS .... | SUPP ....]
!playlist(pointtouser) Youtube: | Spotify:
!playstv(pointtouser) calvinBUTT
!primeDid you know that if you link your Amazon Prime account with twitch you can get a free calvin sub calvinPRIME
!pro(pointtouser) Calvin currently has no desire to go pro in Overwatch, he'd rather stream full time! calvinDVA
!r6placements(pointtouser) [ record: 7-3, gold III ]
!rate(# 0,10) / 10
!res(sender) resurrected (touser)! calvinMERCYMAIN
!roshanWO AI NI calvinGOCHU
!rules(pointtouser) Tourney rules:
!s6placementsCalvin: 9W 1L - 4612 | Jadeoni: 7W 2D 1L - 4667 | SKRRSKRR: 5W 5 L - 4657
!s7(pointtouser) Calvin's final ranks for Season 7:
!scatter0Cognitive: scatter is fine
!schedulehaha still RANDOM AS FUCK calvinFeels
!selloutSellout: calvinA
!sens(pointtouser) [ 400DPI | Overwatch: 8 in-game, widow 48 scoped | COD: 8 in-game, relative ADS]
!settings(pointtouser) OW: 1920x1080 | all low | 75% render scale | COD:
!shipKappaPride Kayuun x Calvin KappaPride
!sigmasigma balls lmao
!sinatraaHello? I'm rank 1? - Sinatraa 👽
!skincareroutine(pointtouser) pink
!slayergramps(pointtouser) Slayergramps tells Calvin a story:
!slide(pointtouser) why calvin slides:
!socialStay up to date with Calvin! calvinBUTT - - -
!specs(pointtouser) i7-8700k, RTX 2080Ti, 32GB DDR4-3200MHz RAM, 1TB SSD.
!squad(pointtouser) Mendokusaii & THump
!sr(pointtouser) Your SR is (# 0,5000)
!stankyhate him :(
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!subway(pointtouser) ->
!tdmI sexually Identify as a Genji. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of dashing through Hanamura swift striking the enemy team. People say to me that being Genji is Useless and I’m not Getting any Kills but I don’t care. I’m having a plastic surgeon install cyborg parts,a shuriken dispenser and a dragonblade on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me Genji and respect my right to play team deathmatch in Overwatch. Ryūjin no ken o kurae!
!throw(count) games thrown calvinPALM
!title(pointtouser) (titleinfo)
!top500(count) players need to just earn it calvinWAAH
!tsm(pointtouser) Calvin is signed to TSM as a streamer, check the announcement post here: calvinHYPE
!uptime(pointtouser) Calvin has been live for: (uptime)
!voicepack(pointtouser) To change your game language: Go to Blizzard App -> Settings -> Game Settings -> Text/Spoken Language. 한국어 = Korean
!vyolent#1 dps in his mom's house calvinB
!wallpaper(pointtouser) Current Wallpaper:
!warzone(pointtouser) P90: | Grau:
!whispers(pointtouser) you can block whispers from strangers using this link
!ytCheck out Calvin's latest Youtube Video: (customapi calvinNOM
!zekkavoOkayChamp < :gift:
!zenPogChamp CRUCIAL DISCORDS PogChamp